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Support for Israel-Based Charities

"Tzedakah" means assistance to the poor and needy, or to worthwhile causes. It is often translated as charity, but it might be more accurately transcribed as fairness or justice. Our tradition believes that it is a duty to give to the poor, not an act of generosity. Jewish law requires the tithing ("maaser" in Hebrew) of between one tenth and one fifth of one's income. In the legal code entitled "Mishneh Torah", the Rambam (Maimonides) designates different levels of charitable giving. The highest level of tzedakah is to give or loan money to a person to enable him or her to become self-sufficient, or to actually help that person find employment. 

For this reason, one of the two key charities that the Kippah King supports is an Israeli-based charity named Yad Eliezer. To quote from their mission statement: "Yad Eliezer's mission is to reduce poverty level in Israeli society by providing very low-income families with programs that not only provide them with crucial short-term relief in the form of basic food necessities, but also with long-term solutions that will ultimately help them to achieve financial stability." Please visit their website, and learn whether you might like to support their programs: 

Another charity that we support is the well-known Jewish National Fund (JNF), which is best known for its tree-planting activities. We believe that the JNF's activities will lead to a better environment in Israel, that will benefit all the inhabitants of the area, as well as serve as a model for the world. We note with approval that the JNF has moved towards integrating the advanced understanding of ecosystem management into its activities across a broad spectrum, and so, its restoration activities will continue to generate knowledge that can be applied in many areas of the earth where long-term human exploitation has left a devastated landscape in its path. In addition, the JNF is taking extraordinary efforts to ensure that Israelis have a safe and reliable water supply. These programs range from the recycling of vast amounts of water to the restoration of riverbeds that have been damaged by pollution. Please visit their website to learn more about the diverse activities carried on by JNF: